Personal Projects

The way I got to where I am today is continual experimenting through the process of, well, making.

Here is an archive of the major projects (aka makes) in newest to oldest order. If I included all the projects I've made over the years this would seem like a never-ending list.

The Billion Dollar Tweet
5/15/2019 | LIVE (active)

What: Website with the sole purpose of highlighting the Twitter exchange between Travis Kalanick and Ryan Graves.

Why: I wanted an easy way to bookmark this Tweet to share with others.

How: Basic HTML / CSS and the Twitter Embed code.

Find Job Boards
1/19/2019 | LIVE (active)

What: Curated directory of job boards.

Why: I’ve always had a huge bookmarked list of boards I visit on a daily basis and realized others might be doing the same.

How: Custom PHP / MySQL.

11/13/2018 | LIVE (active)

What: Easy way to create animated gifs from emojis.

Why: Saw a indie developer (Pieter Levels) post some code to create the animation and decided to turn into an easy to use website.

How: Coded using JS / JQuery / HTML / CSS

Maker Updates
7/24/2018 | LIVE (active)

What: Curated listings of makers and their project statuses.

Why: Maker Updates was an idea that had been floating around in my head for a couple years. I wanted a central location / hub where makers (like myself) could keep fellow makers up to date on progress of their projects (makes).

How: Custom coded using PHP/MySQL with a little JQuery magic. Zapier used for automation aspects.
4/10/2018 | LIVE (active)

What: Right now there is a single tool online called "Tweets without Username." What Tweets without Username does is display the last X Tweets the user has Tweeted WITHOUT giving their username. By doing this it allowed me to actually make a follow vs unfollow decision based upon the quality of their Tweets, not but who voiced the account.

Why: started as a way for me to take control (and clean up) who I follow on Twitter.

How: Custom coded PHP. Utilizes Twitter API.

Why We Follow
3/29/2018 | LIVE (active)

What: A Yelp-like directory that allows Twitter users to review users they follow on Twitter.

Why: After endlessly scrolling through my Twitter feed I realized that I honestly didn't even pay attention to many of the messages. The value I got from Twitter had been decreasing over time and I couldn't put my finger on why. I was following way too many users and, on top of that, I couldn't remember WHY I even followed them.

How: Custom coded PHP/MySQL. Utilizes Twitter API.

Dummy Link
3/20/2018 | LIVE (active)

What: Dummy Link allows you to create a page on our website that will display referral and browser information for links clicking in AND create a clickable link out to the URL so you can test referral information on your server.

Why: I needed an easy way to test referral information for my side-projects.

How: Custom coded PHP/MySQL.

Behind the Make
3/3/2018 | DEAD

What: Blog that features interviews with makers about their latest side project.

Why: The overall goal of Behind the Make is to give people an inside look at how makers work through the concept to launch process of their latest projects.

How: Powered by WordPress. Zapier used for various integrations including automating feedback.

Where to Buy Crypto
1/18/2018 | LIVE (active)

What: Enter in the cryptocurrency name or symbol and the website will spit out all the exchanges it is currently available on.

Why: I'm in tons of crypto private chats and follow a good number of crypto Twitter people, and on a daily basis would see suggested cryptocurrencies to look into. Problem is that not all coins / tokens are available on every exchange and finding out this information was time consuming. Thus I created WTBC.

How: Custom coded PHP/MySQL. Utilizes CoinMarketCap API.
9/3/2017 | DEAD

What: A website that featured upcoming technology conferences.

Why: There was (and are) way too many technology conferences that I want to attend but didn't have an easy way to categorize or schedule them.

How: Custom coded PHP/MySQL

1/26/2017 | SOLD / ACQUIRED

What: A non-political way to track Tweets sent by Donald Trump.

Why: With United States President Donald Trump utilizing Twitter on a daily basis, I wanted to create a non-political website that tracked anything and everything he posted to Twitter.

How: Custom coded PHP/MySQL.Utilized Twitter API, Indico API (sentiment analysis).

Build. Launch. Dominate!
12/11/2016 | LIVE (inactive)

What: Curated directory of tools and resources to help website owners.

Why: I wanted to create a central resource library for all the tools and services I find on a daily basis.

How: Custom coded PHP/MySQL.

Open. Click. Win!
10/24/2016 | DEAD

What: An experiment to see if prizes would encourage people to open up emails. Basically the website would send out a daily email at a random time and then the person who opened up the email the first won a prize.

Why: This idea came from a message someone I follow on Twitter posted about brainstorming various ways to increase email open rates.

How: Custom coded PHP/MySQL. Used SendGrid (and their API) to handle email sending and tracking.

Income Reporters
9/22/2016 | LIVE (inactive)

What: A curated directory of bloggers who share their monthly income reports.

Why: I have always been interested in business success / failure stories and seeing the craze of how bloggers had been publicly sharing their revenue numbers I wanted an easy way to keep myself (and others) updated.

How: Custom coded PHP/MySQL. Zapier used for various automations and integrations.

Viral Videos 365
9/7/2014 | DEAD

What: Showcases viral videos around the web.

Why: I was always interested in how certain videos became "viral" and this was a way to dive a little deeper to see if I could find a solution. Basically a follow-up to Viral News 365 but focusing on the video aspect.

How: Custom coded PHP/MySQL. Utilized the Twitter API and API.

Viral News 365
3/2/2014 | DEAD

What: Showcases viral articles shared across the web.

Why: I was always interested in how certain articles become viral and this was a way to dive a little deeper to see if I could find a solution.

How: Custom coded PHP/MySQL. Utilized Twitter API and API.

NWSL Fantasy League (NWSLFL)
4/1/2013 | LIVE (inactive)

What: Online fantasy soccer league for the National Women's Soccer League (NWSL).

Why: To continue to help build support for the NWSL, I decided to create from scratch a fantasy soccer league.

How: Custom coded from the ground up using PHP / MySQL

Additional Info: Thousands of fans played every season and I also acquired sponsors to help offset the costs of weekly and season prizes.

1/1/2013 | SOLD / ACQUIRED

What: The very first new source for the National Women's Soccer League (NWSL).

Why: Prior to the NWSL launching there was a league (WPS) in the United States however there was very little online coverage for the league. I wanted to try and solve that problem at the start of the NWSL. We actually were up and running for almost 3-4 months before the league itself launched their own website.

How: Powered by WordPress.

Additional Info: Also managed a team of remote volunteer reporters and photographers to help with the coverage.

K+ Givers
4/15/2012 | SOLD / ACQUIRED

What: Tracked users of Klout who posted to Twitter

Why: Klout was really big at the time and I wanted to track which Twitter users were giving Klout and to whom.

How: Custom coded PHP/MySQL.Utilized Twitter API.

5/1/2009 | DEAD

What: PHP traffic trading script that allowed websites to easily track and trade website traffic.

Why: Originally coded for a client who said I should sell licenses.

How: Custom coded PHP/MySQL. Utilized PayPal payment API to accept payments automatically send the product(s) to customers.

Arcade Focus
8/5/2008 | DEAD

What: An online advertising network to buy and sell traffic for online gaming websites.

Why: Another solution to help my phpArcadeScript customers market and gain traffic for their online arcades.

How: Custom coded PHP/MySQL. Utilized the Twitter API to gather search data.

11/15/2007 | SOLD / ACQUIRED

What: Traffic trading website for enterainment websites.

Why: Since a good portion of my customer base for phpArcadeScript was entertainment websites, I wanted to come up with a solution that allowed them to easily market their websites and/or content.

How: Custom coded PHP/MySQL.

Visitor Alert
10/12/2007 | DEAD

What: Real-time user tracking similar to GA "Live" data

Why: This was prior to Google Analytics "Live" data and I wanted an easy way to visualize who was visiting my websites in real-time.

How: Custom coded PHP/MySQL.

Coupon Dropper
5/1/2007 | DEAD

What: Coupon code sharing website that basically was a clone of RetailMeNot's functionality at the time.

Why: Like most online shoppers, I was (and still am) always searching for the best deal. Granted I could go to websites like RMN, but by creating my own version of the website it allowed me to generate affiliate revenue.

How: Custom coded PHP/MySQL.

Guide to Bars
12/14/2006 | DEAD

What: A directory / news website dedicated to bars and restaurants in the Columbia, Missouri area.

Why: While living in Columbia, Missouri I always wanted to know where the best place was to get a drink or grab a bite to eat.

How: Custom coded PHP/MySQL.

7/3/2006 | SOLD / ACQUIRED

What: PHP Script designed to power link dump websites like DumpALink, Digg, etc.

Why: At the time link dump style websites were really popular and I wanted to start offering a second commercial product.

How: Custom coded using PHP/MySQL. Utilized PayPal payment API to accept payments automatically send the product(s) to customers.
4/6/2006 | SOLD / ACQUIRED

What: Celebrity photo battle website (unique take on Hot or Not)

Why: Hot or Not was big at the time and I wanted to see if I could code a similar style website.

How: Custom coded PHP/MySQL.

2/6/2006 | DEAD

What: Free text messaging website.

Why: Actual SMS text messages were not unlimited at this time however texts sent via email were free.

How: Custom coded PHP.

2/3/2006 | SOLD / ACQUIRED

What: Free file sharing website similar to a service called

Why: A way to teach myself how file sharing websites worked.

How: Custom coded PHP/MySQL.

Student Vacation Guide
12/14/2005 | DEAD

What: SEO / Affiliate play for the travel industry.

Why: This was my first step into the affiliate marketing world.

How: 100% hand coded HTML

10/28/2005 | SOLD / ACQUIRED

What: A website that allowed you to easily encrypt any text to MD5 encryption.

Why: At the time I was needing to test out various encryption options and kept manually using the PHP md5 function.

How: Custom coded PHP.
7/21/2005 | SOLD / ACQUIRED

What: Directory of anything and everything related to celebrities

Why: I built this website to help teach myself how to code a directory website.

How: Custom coded PHP/MySQL

7/1/2005 | SOLD / ACQUIRED

What: PHP script designed to power online arcade websites. This was my very first commercial product and when it was acquired there were thousands of websites using the script.

Why: At the time of launch there were just a handful of similar products in the market and the most popular was having problems with their license database which made it very difficult for me to purchase a license. Instead of waiting for the owner to fix the issue I decided to code my

How: Custom coded from the ground up using PHP/MySQL. Utilized PayPal payment API to accept payments automatically send the product(s) to customers.

6/1/2005 | SOLD / ACQUIRED

What: Website that allowed members to submit links to music files (audio and video) they find on the web.

Why: This was one of my first attempts at building a membership style website and music (audio / video) found on the web was very popular at the time.

How: Custom coded website using PHP/MySQL that allowed visitors to submit public URLs to MP3s that could be found via Google.